Paranormal Findings

5/2012-The 1st show starts June 6th @ 9pm on the Syfy Channel.  We do not have the  final word as to when we will be on…we will keep you posted! We are planning on having a showing @ the Hulbert House-details to follow soon.

4/2012-The second season of Haunted Collector is set to start in June-we will post the exact date and when the Hulbert House’s episode will be on. You can visit their web site to see the short promo video…a short (3 second) part is from our taping-”there’s a little girl crying out- help me”

12/2011-We had the experience of a life time just before our 200th year was to begin!  The Syfy Channel’s Haunted Collector came to the Hulbert House! The most we can say right now is that they were not disappointed and were able to verify some of our previous paranormal happenings while experiencing their own…you’ll have to wait until the show airs for the rest…we’ll keep you posted!

To post soon: Results from 2011  the group RIP-Rome Investigators of the Paranormal

2/16/2011-at the end of the page we have added some older findings… you believe?

On March 7th, 2010,  members of the Ghost Seekers of CNY returned to the haunted Hulbert House hotel with students from Syracuse University.  The students were doing a documentary on the Ghost Seekers while continuing their investigation at the Hulbert House.  While here, the Ghost Seekers were updated on the latest sightings, interviewed Chuck (the hotel’s long time resident) and continued their investigation while being filmed for the SU students’  project.  We are awaiting any new information that may have been received on March 7th.

Members of the Ghost Seekers of CNY:

Bernadette Peck – Founder/Lead Investigator

Team Investigators:

Kathy Durr, Len Bragg, Dave Peck, Ed Livingston, Todd Webster

Syracuse University students with the Military Motion Media Program at New House:

Austin Smith, Derek Masuda and Shannon Ofiara

UPDATE: Reviewed the documentary on 5/17/10 with the Ghost Seekers of CNY.  WOW!! What a fantastic job the SU students did! It was just as good, if not better, than what you see on the cable channels.  Congrats to them…We hope you got an “A”.  The Ghost Seekers also received some new data.  Very Cool!   We are planning to do a showing at the Hulbert House with the Ghost Seekers of CNY sometime in the near future.  We will post the date.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Well come stay at the haunted historic Hulbert House hotel.   We are rich in history and many, many, many people have stayed here.  As we always say… “If the walls could talk!”  and apparently they do.   Some hear little children playing upstairs, while others hear heavy footsteps in the middle of the night…or day.  One gentleman even saw our beloved “Wayne” in the bar room (He wasn’t drunk either) after the 2009 Woodsmen Parade.  He thought he was in the parade since he was wearing a Civil War  uniform and held the men’s room door open for him.  Wayne turned and disappeared into the wall.   Another claimed to have  seen a colonial couple holding hands  in the upstairs hallway.   A woman having lunch one day asked her server if the hotel was haunted because someone or thing touched her shoulder and no one was there.   Maybe you stayed here and have a story to tell.  We’d love to hear from you.

Our ghosts are friendly.  We don’t mean “Casper” friendly, but a non-threatening kind of  friendly.

The haunted Hulbert House hotel  is coming up on its 200th anniversary in 2012.  We have 200 years of history under our roof along with strange foot steps, noises, voices and ghosts!

Call us and make a reservation to stay.  You never know what you’ll hear or see.

Below are the results of two E.V.P. sessions performed by the NYS Paranormal Research during their stay in 2009:

At approximately 3:45 AM on the third floor of the haunted Hulbert House hotel in Boonville, NY we started an E.V.P. session. We asked if there was anyone here with us and if so why were they afraid to show themselves? We captured a response of a man saying “We don’t fear anything.”

Listen to the clip: Man Hulbert House

Our second E.V.P. was also captured on the third floor of the haunted Hulbert House hotel in Boonville, NY at 4:15 AM. We asked the question why are you here? The response came from what we believe to be was a woman saying “to pray” or “to play.”

Listen to the clip: Hulbert House Woman

Also here are some pictures taken of a mysterious stranger (Wayne) in a doorway:

(photo taken by Ghost Seekers of CNY)

This photo was taken on the 2nd floor.  You should be able to see through the doorway to the back hallway. Wayne moves throughout the building.  Not only being seen but heard.  It is believed that his heavy footsteps have been heard by many spending the night.

A photo of Wayne

A closer look at Wayne- Civil War Soldier

(Added 2/16/2011)  This should give you a chill.  Wayne really does exist.

1/28/2006, On the 3rd floor: The investigators from the Ghost Seekers (while filming the orbs)  had gone down to the 2nd floor leaving the recorder going.  This is what the recorder picked up the last few seconds before shutting off.


Photo and Audio from The Ghost Society ( 12/19/2009

(Added 2/16/2011)

Little girl "Lucy" in center cellar

We, the owners of the Hulbert House, gave Lucy her name.  We do not know who she is or why she is down in the cellar. We believe she travels throughout the building.  Having children of our own that are here often,  a friendly name seemed fitting so they can relate to her. Lucy is behind the washer and dryer.  You should be able to see the silver dryer hose.  Lucy is blocking that.  She has long hair and is wearing a dress.

HH6 3rd floor hallway evp child that was fun

Little Lucy on 3rd floor saying “that was fun!”

HH3 3rd floor rm 5 evp spies

Colonel Wheelock is being asked to communicate-”Spies” is heard at the end of the audio

HH7 rm 25 station recorder door sound

Room 25 on the 2nd floor-back hallway where Wayne was photographed

9/2011-We are eagerly awaiting the final report from the Rome Investigators of the Paranormal.  They were here in August and have given us small bits of their findings…all new findings…which is very exciting.  We will post them as soon as we receive the information, and we will be planning a presentation with them in the future.